tastes, tasting, tasted
1) N-UNCOUNT Taste is one of the five senses that people have. When you have food or drink in your mouth, your sense of taste makes it possible for you to recognize what it is.

...a keen sense of taste.

2) N-COUNT: usu with supp The taste of something is the individual quality which it has when you put it in your mouth and which distinguishes it from other things. For example, something may have a sweet, bitter, sour, or salty taste.

I like the taste of wine and enjoy trying different kinds...

The taste of blood in her throat made her want to vomit...

Nettles are surprisingly good - much like spinach but with a sweetish taste.

3) N-SING If you have a taste of some food or drink, you try a small amount of it in order to see what the flavour is like.

He swirled the caramel liquor around in his cupped palm and savoured its bouquet before taking another small taste.

4) VERB: no cont If food or drink tastes of something, it has that particular flavour, which you notice when you eat or drink it.

[V of/like n] I drank a cup of tea that tasted of diesel...

[V of/like n] It tastes like chocolate...

[V adj] The pizza tastes delicious without any cheese at all.

5) VERB If you taste some food or drink, you eat or drink a small amount of it in order to try its flavour, for example to see if you like it or not.

[V n] He finished his aperitif and tasted the wine the waiter had produced...

[V n] Before proceeding any further, cut off a small bit of the meat and taste it.

sample, try
6) VERB: no passive If you can taste something that you are eating or drinking, you are aware of its flavour.

[V n] You can taste the chilli in the dish but it is a little sweet.

7) N-SING: N of n If you have a taste of a particular way of life or activity, you have a brief experience of it.

But having had a taste of the big time, he won't want to go back to playing in the reserves...

This voyage was his first taste of freedom.

8) VERB: no passive If you taste something such as a way of life or a pleasure, you experience it for a short period of time.

[V n] Once you have tasted the outdoor life in southern California, it takes a peculiar kind of masochism to return to a Nottingham winter.

9) N-SING: N for n/-ing If you have a taste for something, you have a liking or preference for it.

She developed a taste for journeys to isolated hazardous regions in North America...

That gave me a taste for reading.

10) N-UNCOUNT: also N in pl A person's taste is their choice in the things that they like or buy, for example their clothes, possessions, or music. If you say that someone has good taste, you mean that you approve of their choices. If you say that they have poor taste, you disapprove of their choices.

His taste in clothes is extremely good...

Oxford's social circle was far too liberal for her taste.

...a large family with different tastes and preferences...

How could so many people have such bad taste in music?

11) PHRASE: v-link PHR, PHR after v If you say that something that is said or done is in bad taste or in poor taste, you mean that it is offensive, often because it concerns death or sex and is inappropriate for the situation. If you say that something is in good taste, you mean that it is not offensive and that it is appropriate for the situation.

He rejects the idea that his film is in bad taste...

I do not feel your actions were either appropriate or done in good taste.

12) PHRASE: PHR after v When a recipe tells you to add a particular spice or other flavouring to taste, it means that you can add as much of that ingredient as you like.

Add tomato paste, salt and pepper to taste.

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